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The place for wild birds.


The Place for Wild Birds

Other Resources
(for finding a Wildlife Specialist near you, government agencies in Massachusetts, and other bird sites we like)



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To Find Rehab Facilities Nationwide & Internationally

Government Agencies in Massachusetts

Links to Sites We Like About Wild Birds



To Find Rehab Facilities Nationwide:

The following are links to comprehensive lists of Wildlife Specialists around the country, and even around the world. Click on the name of one you'd like to try, and it will open in a new window.

University of Minnesota
(includes international listings)

Southeastern Outdoors
(not restricted to the Southeast)

More will be added as we find them.

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Government Agencies In Massachusetts:

a division of Fisheries and Wildlife


(Don't miss this site's special page on living with wildlife!)


Central Wildlife District
211 Temple Street, West Boylston 01583
Phone: (508) 835-3607

Northeast Wildlife District
Harris Street, Box 2086, Acton 01720
Phone: (508) 262-4347

Southeast Wildlife District
195 Bournedale Road, Buzzards Bay 02532
Phone: (508) 759-3406

Field Headquarters
Rt. 135, Westboro 01581
Phone: (508) 792-7270

Western Wildlife District
400 Hubbard Avenue, Pittsfield 01201
Phone: (413) 447-9789

Connecticut Valley Wildlife District
East Street, Belchertown 01007
Phone: (413) 323-7632

Boston Office
251 Causeway Street, Suite 400, Boston 02114
Phone: (617) 727-3151

Wild birds are federally protected, and Wildlife Specialists must have both state and federal licenses in order to care for them. Here is the office to call in Massachusetts to find Wildlife Specialists with both state and federal licenses to rehabilitate birds.

U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Migratory Bird Permit Office
Post Office Box 779, Hadley, MA 01035
Phone: (413) 253-8641

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Links to Sites We Like About Wild Birds:
(all links open in new windows)

American Bird Conservatory
(Don't miss this site's special page on indoor cats!)

Chipper Woods Bird Observatory

Electronic Resources on Ornithology

We will add more sites as we find them, and welcome suggestions. However:

WARNING: Please be wary of websites that contain specific diets for feeding baby wild birds, ESPECIALLY those containing any form of dairy product!

Some baby birds are quite debilitated when found and may die if they are initially fed anything other than berries!

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