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The place for wild birds.


Founded in 1996 by Kathleen Frisbie, The Place for Wild Birds, Inc., is a nonprofit organization that is devoted to caring for the wild birds of Southeastern Massachusetts.

The Place for Wild Birds helps birds that have:

  • been orphaned
  • gotten sick
  • fallen out of nests
  • been hit by cars
  • flown into windows
  • been attacked by cats
  • fallen into swimming pools
  • been caught in fences
  • been poisoned
  • fallen down chimneys
Feeding Time (every 20 minutes).

Through our facility, we help these native birds return to their natural place in the wild. (When we receive calls concerning mammals, reptiles, and other avian species beyond our specialty, those inquiries will be referred to the appropriate rehabilitators or wildlife clinics.)

Walt Bezaniuk releasing a Belted Kingfisher raised and rehabilitated at The Place for Wild Birds, Inc. (photo by Ruth Edwards).Kathleen Frisbie is a state and federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator, and she specializes in rehabilitating songbirds. Because of Kathleen's experience and dedication, many of the birds that come to our facility will be successfully released back into the wild. Some of these rehabilitated birds will migrate each fall to Central and South America, as well as Africa, and are part of a truly global ecology.

Our wild bird population is in constant jeopardy and helping them is our way of making a meaningful contribution to the shrinking natural world.


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