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The place for wild birds.


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We need your donations!

The Place for Wild Birds helps birds that have:

  • been orphaned
  • gotten sick
  • fallen out of nests
  • been hit by cars
  • flown into windows
  • been attacked by cats
  • fallen into swimming pools
  • been caught in fences
  • been poisoned
  • fallen down chimneys

The Place for Wild Birds, Inc. rescues, rehabilitates, and returns birds to the wild. Each year we admit about 1,000 wild bird patients from approximately 52 avian species. Each bird will stay with us an average of 3-4 weeks at a minimum cost of $75.00 per bird. Rehabilitators are not paid by the state or federal government and rely solely on donations to help pay for the food, medicine, and caging that are vital for the successful rehabilitation of wildlife.

Each year it costs more for us to care for wild birds. At the same time, as we lose a greater number of our valuable bird species forever, rehabilitation becomes an increasingly meaningful and necessary human endeavor.

In order to continue our important work rehabilitating wild birds, we need your financial support. If you would like to join in our effort to help the wild birds of our region, please send your donation to THE PLACE for WILD BIRDS, INC., today. There are three ways to help:

Buy gifts at our CafePress store. Print, clip, and mail this form with your payment.

Thank you very much for your support!



If you prefer, you may print, clip and mail the following form with your donation:

YES, I want to help care for the wild birds of Southeastern Massachusetts. I know that my donation will help our wild birds fly free again!
___$25.00 Donor ___$50.00 Friend
___$75.00 Sponsor ___$100.00 Supporter
___$500.00 Patron ___$1000.00 Benefactor
___$5,000.00 Angel ___Other: $________
e-mail (optional):________________________________________

Please send your donation to:

P. O. Box 502
North Dighton, MA 02764

(508) 824-4319


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