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There are four photos on this page:

1. Hatchling Barn Swallows

Hatchling Barn Swallows.

2. Barn Swallow, mid-nestling

Barn Swallow, mid-nestling.

3. Late nestling Barn Swallows

Late nestling Barn Swallows.

4. Barn Swallows,
fledglings ready for release

Barn Swallows, fledglings ready for release.

These graceful aerial insectivores are in the Swallow family and related to Purple Martins and Tree Swallows. They are known for their forked tails and their custom of nesting in barns. Like all insectivores, they help us by consuming an enormous quantity of bugs. They are communal, and only have one or two broods a summer. Barn Swallows migrate to South America for the summer.

These young birds were brought to us when a barn cat killed both parents. They flourished, and were eventually released into a colony of wild Barn Swallows.

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