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There are three photos on this page:

1. Orphaned Eastern Bluebird Hatchlings

Orphaned Eastern Bluebird Hatchlings.

2. Orphaned Eastern Bluebird Nestlings

Orphaned Eastern Bluebird Nestlings.

3. Adult male Eastern Bluebird
recovering from an injury

Adult male Eastern Bluebird recovering from an injury.

Part of the Thrush family and related to Robins, these beautiful native birds were declining in numbers but now appear to be making somewhat of a comeback, in part due to the efforts of dedicated Bluebirders and their trails of Bluebird nestboxes. Eastern Bluebirds are cavity nesters, and readily accept manmade wooden boxes to raise their young in spring and summer. They eat mostly insects and some berries. Adult Bluebirds are timid by nature, and are heavily predated by the English (or House) Sparrow, a non-native or "introduced" species.

The young birds shown above were brought to us after a cat killed one parent and lawn chemicals were thought to have killed the other parent. We were able to foster them into another Bluebird nestbox, where they were successfully reared by wild adults.

The adult male shown here was brought to us after being hit by a car, but recovered well and was ultimately released.

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