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There are four photos on this page:

1. Mourning Dove, mid-nestling

Mourning Dove, mid-nestling.

2. Late nestling Mourning Dove

Late nestling Mourning Dove.

3. Fledgling Mourning Dove

Fledgling Mourning Dove.

4. Juvenile Mourning Dove

Juvenile Mourning Dove.

Outwardly calm, the Mourning Dove is actually a nervous species related to the Pigeon. Somewhat camouflaged by its plumage, the Mourning Dove has two modes of defensive behavior: freeze and bolt.

Mourning Doves eat primarily seeds and feed mainly on the ground. Unlike most native songbirds, young Doves drink a softened diet from their parents' crops (neck pouches for holding food). Nestlings are covered with string-like down, and have rosy legs which turn darker red as they age. Doves typically nest in pine trees, and the nest consists of a few twigs that are loosely arranged.

This young bird was picked up in a yard and could not be returned to its parents. Happily, it was successfully rehabilitated and released.

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