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There are three photos on this page:

1. Downy Woodpecker, mid-nestling

Downy Woodpecker, mid-nestling

2. Downy Woodpecker, fledgling

Downy Woodpecker, fledgling.

3. Downy Woodpecker, just before release

Downy Woodpecker, just before release.

A relative of the Flicker, this species is a small member of the Woodpecker family. These birds cling vertically to tree trunks foraging for bugs, and are cavity nesters, like other Woodpeckers. They enjoy feeding on suet at backyard feeders, and will eat berries. Adults usually raise only one nest of young per summer. Downy Woodpeckers do not migrate to tropical countries for the winter.

This Downy Woodpecker was brought to us as a nestling who had fallen out of the nest and could not be put back. This bird thrived under our care and was eventually released to the wild.

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