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There are four photos on this page:

1. Gray Catbird, mid-nestling

Gray Catbird, mid-nestling.

2. Gray Catbird, late nestling

Gray Catbird, late nestling.

3. Gray Catbird,
juvenile in the aviary,
ready for release

Gray Catbird, juvenile in the aviary, ready for release.

Catbird's Nest, 4½" (11.43 cm) wide by 3½" (8.89 cm) high.Related to Mockingbirds and Thrashers, Catbirds are known for their cat like mewing call. They also have a distinctive tail bobbing behavior. These birds are shy and reclusive, eating mostly bugs and berries. The nests are built fairly low in bushes or trees, and unfortunately many nestlings are predated by cats. Gray Catbirds winter in southern United States to Panama.

This young Catbird came to us with an injury of unknown origin, was treated, and ultimately released.

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